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R. Scott Beaumont´s professional background was in private resort management before founding and developing Grout Armor® in 1999. Prior to that time, while managing one of the countries oldest private resorts, he noticed that no matter how diligent housekeeping was at combating dirty grout, it always seemed to win by becoming dirty, moldy and unsanitary.

Scott left the resort world to develop Grout Armor™, the first national organization of commercial grout restoration specialists restoring ceramic floor tile grout, utilizing a proprietary color sealer (Grout Armor®) that will match or change the color of any grout. This service is guaranteed to create a consistent color and shade of any desired color, resist stains, mold growth and will remain easy to maintain. This service and process has successfully been used and is specified in hotels, resorts, pools, spas, universities, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, health clubs and homes. The service is performed by factory licensed and certified Grout Armor® restoration specialists who service the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Through the natural progression of constantly improving his service, products and network, in 2008 noticing an increasingly alarming rate of slip and fall incidents he introduced, NoFallT™ Anti-Slip Floor Safety Service. This is a nationally trained and certified group of licensed service providers that utilize a proprietary formula (NoFallT™) to treat hard mineral tile floors in commercial kitchens, hotel lobbies, night clubs, public restrooms, pool & spa areas, amusement parks, entrance ways, balconies, tubs, showers and anywhere else that may have dangerous slippery walking conditions.

This unique service is guaranteed to create safer walking environments by decreasing the slipperiness on wet tile floors and is guaranteed to exceed OSHA and ADA requirements for a non-slip environment. This guaranteed, invisible treatment does not alter the look of the floor and creates a safer walking environment for guests, employees and the general public. As a complement to customers and the proprietary service offerings, Grout Armor® offers a complete line of daily cleaning products, NSF Approved Anti-Slip cleaning products, Odor eliminating products.

Through his unique relationship with his research scientist, chemist and contract manufacturer who is the proud recipient of the EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for two consecutive years, he has all manufacturing and packaging done in-house at a manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida and is constantly working on developing and improving the current product line and service offering.

All products and services are guaranteed and have a long list of national organizations that specify our products and services.